A new creative vein by Maison Living

Decorator-creator of furniture, Irène Thiebauld is crazy about housing environment. Sensitive to the other one, she passes of the zoutoise residence in the hotel studed with the same ease.

Modeste, attentive, cosmopolitan, Irène Thiebauld attracts the sympathy. An illustrious grandfather Rumanian sculptor, a father architect of king Fadh of Saudi Arabia… It leaves necessarily tracks and develops an obvious cult of the Beautiful. Under this Latin temperament hides an accurate and applied personality who, for 17 years, is passionate about the creation of an elegant contemporary furniture and rich in character. “I make my job seriously but I do not take myself seriously”, she dares. Nevertheless, in the panorama which she proposes, we spot prestigious projects in the Middle East where the design goes of the shell to the teaspoon. The same concern of detail applies in the recent decoration of the Convent of the Juniors to Mane in Provence reconverted in graceful one Relais & Chateaux. For every room, she draws and makes an exclusive furniture, purified in oak wengé and old-looking. Bruno opts for colors, imagines a folding screen with candles for his spa of the Occitan and finally, with his supervisor of husband’s works, operates in the pose of curtains. Everything must be completed!!

Without Elitism

7ème Dimension distinguishes itself by its sensibility in all the human activities which make of every house, every advice, a unique project. Far from wanting to dedicate itself exclusively to the “turnkey” arrangements, Irène and Bruno déclientent gracefully their art of the direction in the furniture. In this case, the custom-made product is a best. ” We must be capable of dealing with all the requests. Of the oak tinted in the red lacquer “.

To feel simply accompanied during a sensible choice of colors, 7ème Dimension practises in this case discreet fees.

The art of the paradoxes

The traditional drawing freehand does not involve inevitably that the decorator expresses himself exclusively in a classic style. At Sweet Home, the tempering is contemporary and always takes place on the basis of mixtures ” easy to live “. Bruno and Irène strengthen the stereotypes which depersonalize places. Following the example of their movable creation, the alliance of the materials is interesting. The leather goes with the metal, the wood escorts the glass, the cold marks warm themselves with taffetas and velvet. The contribution of the color remains indisputable but without extravagance. As in life, it reigns in these decorations, space and heights, shadows and lights to lose nothing of the intimacy.

Maison Living : A new creative vein

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