Small lesson of decoration by Elle Déco

” Let us be simple but nevertheless terribly styles “. The couple of interior designers and decorators Irène and Bruno Thiebauld for the house 7ème Dimension gives us the desire to think about the way we want to live today: sharp lines, comfortable and well drawn furniture, magnificent materials, serene spaces where we return to the main part without denying the elegance. Very tuned to its time and of its customers, 7ème Dimension proposes contemporary and timeless designs. Their creed: the more the architecture is sober, the more serene will be the inhabited space. Because, specify Irène and Bruno Thiebauld, it is always to those who live there to throw their personality in the decoration, and not the opposite. For a long time, at 7ème Dimension, we favor the quality, the sobriety and the comfort. No pat in the eye, no swagger, it is not how things are done.

Small lesson of decoration – ElleDeco June 2014

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